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CRAFT WORKS June 27, 2008

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This post suppose to be posted about 2 weeks ago, but due to an absent minded condition of mine (huhuhu) the post is not about my new painting or what so ever, it just about my lil cats..i mean fridge magnet..i was looking for an idea, thinking bout something that handcrafted to sell during the art bazaar at Laman Budaya Shah Alam instead of selling our skecthes…then i come out with this idea which i’ve done it before..but this time with other image so i choose CAT…i love doing craft things since my childhood..this time, i was thinking to take my crafty skill to another level..i was hoping that, one day i will organise an event for children which i love to call it Kid’s Art Attack…hehhehe..i wanna them to explore everything thats relate with art since they are kid…erm i’m sure its fun..however still working on the paperwork…

Moulding the shape

The detailing

One of the CATS

The finished works

I’m still in the process making others shape or objects…Thinking something take cute and catchy…IDEASSSSSSSSSSSSS



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OPEN SHOW 2008@GALERI SHAH ALAM is now open for public to take a look on Malaysian artist artworks. Almost hundred of artist participated in this show including myself. The show is already started from 9th June till 31st July 2008 at Galeri Shah Alam, Selangor. So this morning, I went to GSA with my friend, to take a look on the show. We already been told that our artwork will be displayed in Galeri 2. So we straight ahead to Galeri 2. By the time I arrived at the door,I can see my painting directly in front of me…Surprise…Although, only one painting instead of 2 been displayed, there is no words to describe how i felt at the moment..BARRIER OF title of painting…After having a wonderful tour around the Galeri 2, I asked my friend to take a picture of me with my painting…and with other artist painting too…They just gorgeous…the paintings so breath taking..nice..speechless…Hope to meet all the artist that participate in this show….



last Saturday, I had a lot of fun with my artist friends at Balai Seni Lukis Negara. There is an event called Beijing 2008 Malaysians Art Banner. Everyone are invited to join this event. The objective of this event is to draw and paint on 888 feet long banner with a theme “Seni Memupuk Perpaduan,Menyemarak Sukan”. Upon finished, the banner will be flying thousand mile to Beijing and will be displayed there..

The day kick off with all participant registered and take place at the table. Me, Am and Helmy arrived about 30 minutes late. There are huge crowd getting ready to start drawing and painting their artwork. We finally managed to get our spot. Kinda small but enough for three of us to show our skill..The best part is all material such as colours and brushes are given free..yeah party time.

There are many reporters from mass media such as newpapers and tv station (yeah we’re in tv mum…huhuhu) do the story cover for this event. This event will also be recorded in The Malaysia Book of Records. After a few hours we finally finished our piece of artwork. After spending most of the time paints on the banner, is time for me to takes pictures.. Pose baby pose..Hahahahaha…

Beside that, there is also refreshment or can i just called lunch…We ate almost bout lunch time..The food is so nice especially the chicken…Yummy…Hingga menjilat jari..Overall, its so fun…

Yeah…let’s paint

Say cheese….

Khusyuk nie

ALamak warna abis daaa….


My artwork


My piece of work..Beijing 2008

Here we go..

with Huanhuan….so cute

Me and Am with Huanhuan

Me with beibei and Helmy with Yingying

Me with Jingjing and Am with Nini



Last Thursday (4th June), me and my friends went to UKM for a was for the purpose of promoting our group and our society (Persatuan Akrilik Malaysia). The pictures will be published in one of our local newspaper. We spent about 2 hours down there posing nearby our groups painting..yeah strike ur pose Gina..hehehe…we just love posing in front the camera especially me a Gina. Not all of the group members were there.Helmi still on his vacation, Een UPSI lost in action..hehehe. After tired keeping ourself striking a nice pose in front of the cam, we had nasi lemak cooked by Idham. Unfortunately, Gina and Dr can’t make it coz they have things to do, so it just me, Tn Haji, kak liza, Idham, En Suzlee and his son having our breakfast+lunch at the lake in Bangi..the result, REFRESHING…just like having picnic with my own family..oh I miss my family a lot…

Me in front the signage

My detail

In front my painting

Me again..dunno what to do..pose yeah

everybody keeps busy discussing but look at Gina.. she just loves the camera

Gina giving a big smile in front her painting

Kak Liza giving some explaination about her painting..R U sure? or u guys just gossiping..hehehe

Hello Dr, what r u doing?..Focus..huhuhu

makan time..lalalala

makan lagi



Finally, the day that i’ve been waiting for has come.Launching of Pameran Rasa Antarabanagsa UKM 2008 on May 14th, 2008. ┬áThe day where I can describe as the dreams came true. (I’ve been dreaming to participate in any painting exhibition since I was in secondary school)..So this is the moment..Although during the exhibition, only one of my painting will be exhibited, it is good enough to make me proud of myself..yeah I did it..hehehhe

I went to UKM with my artist friends by a car. For me, it is so fun having them around in the journey to the UKM..Coz we are so excited about the launching..we’ve been planning this trip about a week..hehehe…Due to our excitement, we kinda lost all the way to UKM, however we manage to arrive there..

The first thing we do when we arrived there is looking for our painting. The place where our piece of artwork would be hanged. Finally, I saw my painting hung together with the rest of my friends’ painting at the centre of launching area. Kinda surprised. The exhibition has been officiated by Y. Bhg. Prof. Dr. Kamaruddin M. Said, the Head of Publication and Printing Department of UKM on behalf of Deputy Chancellor of UKM. Everything goes smoothly during the launching.

Here some of the photos during the launching



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On this coming Wednesday, May 2008, 14th, there will be an event called PAMERAN RASA ANTARABANGSA UKM 2008 that will be held at Anjung Seni dan Galeri Seni DECTAR UKM, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi Selangor. The exhibition will be held until 28 Jun 2008. This will be my first appearance in art scene at Malaysia. My friends (those who attended the acrylic class at Galeri Shah Alam) and I will showcase our painting among other artists..For me, this is the moment that I’ll be waiting for since attending the acrylic class-to be a part of any art exhibition not to mention having my own solo exhibition one day. For this exhibition, I’ll be showcasing my painting entitled PASSION II.

Down here is my painting. Don’t forget to give ur sincere comment about my painting.


Year : 2008

Media : Acrylic on Canvas

Size : 91cm x 91 cm

Price : RM 3200.00